Working on My to Do List

I have just taken a couple of days off from work to work on my to do list. I need to a large number of small things, most of them related to my desire to eventually sell this little house for a decent profit. The thing I am looking to do is to work on the curb appeal, so that a potential buyer pulls up and immediately imagines themselves buying this home. I am going to take the plantation shutters down and see if I can fix the little issues with them for starters. It seems as though they were installed by some person who did not have full grasp of his faculties to be honest. In fact it looks like a DIY’er came out one Saturday with his tools and a twelve pack of beer, but did a lot more work on the beer than the shutters. Of course it is something where I have to make a judgment about whether or not it makes sense to try to save the shutters. The cost of a set of shutters would not be that great, especially if I could just replace the three or four which are not in good condition. In fact I know a carpenter who could probably build me a set of these, but he is not going to have the time or the desire to piddle with this sort of nonsense. He is into big jobs and he always has plenty to do, but of course if you have the right jigs a shutter is a pretty simple thing to make and in this instance you might be able to take them all apart and make half as many good shutters. That is a lot more trouble than it is really worth however and I am not going to blow a lot of time on the job.

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