What Sort of Jobs Are Opern to 16 Year Olds

I have decided that I want to start earning some money for a car, or in fact a better car. What I have now is a hand me down pick up truck which has more than a quarter of a million miles on it. My oldest brother bought it about five years and used it for his lawn care services before he was doing that stuff on the books. Obviously he did not care too much about what it looked like, which was good because this is a really beat up old truck. It is a 1992 Ford F 150 and it has not been taken care of for some time. It was not really running when he bought it, but he was able to fix it with our Dad’s help. He was driving it a whole lot and it had a whole lot of wear and tear. I can not really complain too much because it is free and my plan is pretty much to drive it until the wheels fall off. Obviously I am going to need a job if I am going to get some better vehicle any time soon. I figure that when I am ready I can just take this pick up truck to a junk yard. It is probably going to be worth something like four hundred dollars. That is not much of a start on a new vehicle and since I am barely sixteen, all of the jobs which are open to me have very limited pay scales. I have been working at a grocery store, which is rather poor on a lot of levels. I make very little money obviously and I spend a lot of time rounding up shopping carts in the huge parking lot. I have not really gotten to be a cashier just yet either.

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