Tackling Smoke Damage Restoration

No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a fire and the smoke and water damage that follows, but it’s important to make sure to tackle these difficult issues to make sure your home or business gets the full restoration that it deserves. Fires aren’t a simple “one and done” problem that are taken care of the moment the flames have been extinguished. Because of the damage that water and chemicals can do, tackling the full range of potential problems means relying on professionals who know their repair and restoration issues inside and out.

Issue #1: Commercial or residential
This is a critical issue to figure out early. While there are multiple restoration services that can provide for both home and business locations, you want to make sure you’re getting a professional who can handle your specific needs. Do they have a specialty? How much experience do they have with similar situation?

There are slight differences between dealing with the two structures, and many state and local ordinances may have stricter requirements for commercial buildings than residential ones. You want professionals who know the rules and know how to make sure you’re sitting pretty after all the repairs are done.

Issue #2: Stabilizing the damaged area
The next issue is dealing directly with the damaged area. Any area that had fire damage will need to have the wall, siding, or structure around it checked out for stability. One weak spot can become much worse over time.

The direct work is important to make sure you’re dealing with the full extent of problems, both visible and not, up front. You don’t want to pay a lot of money only to find some nasty surprises later.

Issue #3: Understand there’s additional damage
Fire comes with smoke, water, and mold. Usually you will have to deal with all of these. Smoke damage can seep into other rooms, and the smell alone is extremely hard to get rid of. You want a professional smoke and water damage restoration specialist who knows how to get all this damage repaired.

Issue #4: Stop the spread of other issues.
Even beyond smoke damage, if water was used to put out a fire you need to check carefully for water damage, especially if you have old and absorbent materials in the area. Water can cause long term damage, in addition to creating the perfect breeding ground for mold.

These are long term issues that need to be tackled early. A little extra money upfront for an experienced professional who can handle all these restoration issues will save you huge headaches and much larger bills down the line.

Remember that smoke damage restoration is not the “end all, be all” of handling your housing and damage issues. You want to take a full picture approach to tackling everything in your way and you will end up in far better shape when it comes to picking the perfect smoke restoration specialists.

Get a professional who understands the big picture and your home will thank you.

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