Started Working on the Rental House

The place was a real wreck when Shelly and I found it, but we got it a real fire sale type of price. We have to figure out what to do about the electricity pretty soon. That is one of the big things wrong with the place because it appears that someone who was less than qualified originally did the wiring. The electric company wants to get some more information before they come and turn the power on, because they know that the place failed inspection . It is rather obvious that they probably did not know exactly what they were doing when they hired the contractor or did a lot of the things that they did. It was not well thought out and so we have to sort it out all one step at a time. They really did just about every thing wrong that you could imagine and this place was really cheap because very few people were interested in taking on the headache.

I probably would not have done it if I had not been able to solve the biggest issues either by myself or with the help of some person in the family. The father in law and my Dad both have a lot of skills and the truth is that my Dad loves having something like this to fool around with. If he knows I am going to be over there working he gets over there early with a box of doughnuts and a big jug of black coffee. We are sitting around making a plan now, basically trying to write down the plans and make it all step by step. The idea is that you have to do one thing before you can do another, so you have to figure out what must be done when.

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