Our Sunroom Was the Best Investment in Our House

We have been spending a lot of time sitting on our front porch in the summer. We have a back stoop, but no deck or anything. We prefer the view from the back yard, but we enjoy sitting out front. We really want to extend our enjoyment of being in the sunshine. Plus, we want a place to put some houseplants to really capture the winter sun. The back faces south, and that is perfect for winter sunshine. We contacted a Chicago sunroom contractor to see about building a sunroom we could enjoy year round. I had no idea just how far the technology of building sunrooms has come.

We had a rather large sunroom built out back. Now you walk out the back door into a spacious living area that is filled with light. We enjoy sitting out there on the cold winter days when the sun is shining. It feels like summer in our little green and sunny oasis. The houseplants thrive in the dead of winter now. We like stepping out in the morning into a warm and comfortable space surrounded by green plants. We have breakfast out there practically every day. On the weekends we read the Sunday paper together and have coffee. There is no TV out there, but we do have a Bluetooth speaker to play our favorite music.

Our sunroom really makes it easy to enjoy the sunshine even when it is cold. If it is too hot outside, we can control the temp in the sunroom too. In the corner we have our hot tub. It is so nice to have this tropical style room for these cold Chicago winters. This is the best investment in our house that we have ever made, because this type of room suits us so perfectly.

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