Long Lasting Low Energy Consumption Residential LED Strip Lighting

There are really cool LED lights that are available. They come ins strips, can be customized to length needed and they operate on a 24-volt transformer. The low voltage is safer than traditional lighting, and they use far less electricity than any other residential lighting that is available. Though they function perfectly well for houses connected to the electricity grid, they are perfect for homes that operate off of solar energy stored in deep-cell batteries. I went to view them at a website that explains all about them.

If you know anything about LEDs, you know that they hardly use any electricity at all to function, and they put off a tremendous amount of light. You have to have hot bulbs that are incandescent to get an equal amount of light. These LEDs are cool to the touch. They cannot burn you, children or pets. They are less likely to start a fire too. You ever touch a 100-watt regular incandescent bulb? If you have, you know they can burn your skin and even set things on fire.

These LED strip lights are great for lighting stairwells, kitchen countertops and provide great accent lighting. They can be installed in tight spaces to give illumination to dark areas that otherwise may go unlit. Imagine not having to look for a flashlight to brighten up those dark areas of your home to see something. How about lighting the shelves inside display cabinets in your home? There are a bunch of uses for these strip lights. I use a lot of them in the garage. I like it bright in there when I am working, and LEDs let me get a lot of light without upping my electric bill to astronomical heights. I wish every light in our house was LED. At least I would not be changing bulbs anymore, and the LEDs would still be going strong when my kids graduate from school years from now.

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