I Made My Wife Happy by Doing These Things Around Our House

After watching my home’s exterior falling apart over the years, I understood that I really needed to do something about it. We had been thinking of selling our home, but that would not happen easily if I wasn’t taking care of the house itself. Property values can fall easily. I wanted to learn more about how to make things nicer myself. And what I learned showed me that it is not that hard or expensive to do at all.

First, I needed to go all around the house and chip off the old paint. I did this with a pressure washer. This allowed me to see just how much damage had been done because I had not bothered to keep the house painted nicely over the years. I replaced wooden trim and even siding. I learned how to do all of these things online. I thought I would need help, but I was able to do it all by myself without having to hire anyone.

Then, I found out that we had some roof damage and some damage to the wooden eaves that hang just below our roof. This damage came about because I never bothered to install gutters. So, I bought what I needed, and then I spent the weekend putting it up. My son helped me with this. My wife was really happy that I was finally doing something about it, and she said that it makes our house look nicer now, too. She has also stated that she loves the house so much now that she is not really sure she cares about moving. She said she feels like she’s driving up to a new house every day when she comes home from work. I’m okay with that because it is a lot easier to stay put than it is to pack up and move.

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