Have to Get the Basement Dried out

I guess we need to get some people who know how to do water damage restoration at the church. It is only one room of the basement at the church that has been damaged, but it seems like it is pretty bad. We did not notice it until Sunday, no one is quite sure when it happened and there is not really a lot of damage. We used the area to store extra folding chairs and tables. In fact these are mostly the old ones that we do not use unless things are really pressed. We have a bunch of newer tables and chairs that everyone likes a lot better because they are much lighter and easier to deal with. They are made out of a really tough plastic, while these old things are made of heavy metal. The people who have moved them around are quite happy to leave them down in the basement.

The damage is not severe, but we do not want a bunch of mold in the place. That is obviously a bad thing and you want to keep teh basement clear of it if you are able. The water itself was not that hard to get rid of. We got about half a dozen shop vacuums and used them along with grain scoops and buckets. I went to Lowes and told the guy I wanted a grain scoop and he had no idea what I meant, but that is a huge plastic shovel and it is great for this purpose. You get a squeegee and them you use the grain scoop to pick up the water and empty it in to a big tub. The problem was that you have to get all that water up the stairs and get rid of it some way.

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