Different Features of an ADT Home Security and Alarm System

With all of the tensions nationwide and the steady reports of home invasions and burglaries in neighborhoods right next to us, we decided to get ADT home security services in New York City to install a high quality alarm system in our home. The whole system is wireless so installation was done in a day. There were no cables to run from sensors to the alarm panel. We have an alarm keypad upstairs and downstairs. We also got a couple of the key fob alarm remotes to arm and disarm the system. They have a panic button too.

The siren is very loud. We opted to get another one installed outside. We had motion detectors installed that do not trip when our pets, left at home, move about. Since no one is in the basement when away from home, the whole area is protected by motion detectors. We also had a smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed on every level that is connected wirelessly to the central alarm panel. The CR123 batteries that power the sensors and detectors are lithium based and last for many years before needing replacement. They only take a minute to replace too. Very easy when it is necessary.

We also had security surveillance cameras installed that use our Wi-Fi to communicate. We can monitor the live camera feeds on our smartphones anywhere we have an Internet connection. Monitoring center agents who can see the criminal activity on a camera can confirm to police it is not a false alarm. In some areas this is beneficial to get police to quickly respond. It depends on how many false alarms your local 911 center handles on an annual basis. The training we received on using the system was a help to prevent false alarms too. I like it and it gives us peace of mind.

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