Choosing from the Best Robot Vacuums Can Save You a Lot of Chore Time

I wanted to help both my wife and I keep a cleaner flat with less time and commitment to the tasks. There was only two ways to do it. We could either hire a housekeeper, or we could resort to automation. Well, we live in a flat and are working like crazy to build a more secure financial future. No housekeeper on our salaries. We are clean by nature, but grime lays itself down no matter what. Floors need swept, things need wiped down. I looked into the best robot vacuums to find one that could roam around while we were at work.

Every minute you save for routine chores is a minute you can apply to earning money, enjoying your time with your spouse or for precious sleep. We have one of those automated shower cleaners. Our toilet is kept quite sparkly with its new additive too. The robot vacuum we got goes around all by itself and sweeps the floors. Then it returns to its charger when the battery gets low. When it charges up again, it heads back out to clean. We have it set to not bug us when we are home. I put stickers on it so it looks like a smiley face. We call it Bob.

Old Bob has been cleaning our floors quite well. It is nice when we see bits of crumbs or other debris on the floor that is gone when we get home from work. Your floors are the first thing everyone looks at when they come inside. Keeping them clean goes a long way toward the overall cleanliness perception of your whole house or flat. Ours are cleaned automatically. Now if they made a robot that would mop the hardwoods and tile, then that would be really cool. Someday I imagine one will be developed.

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